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     Thanks to our volunteers and the communities generous donations, Lake Bluff Open Lands Association partners with schools and other local communities to tackle restoration projects throughout Lake Bluff. The ability to have access to the resources in order to take on these projects, is crucial to our mission to preserve the beauty of Lake Bluff, and restore decades of invasive species overgrowth.


      Below you will see updates and information about our projects past, present, and future.

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    Thanks to various groups stepping forwards to volunteer on Earth Day weekend. We were able to pot 500 trees! Our goal is to nurse these trees to a transplantable size and disperse them throughout our preserves! Each adult tree can make a real difference, in fact according to NC State University one adult tree can supply a days worth of oxygen for four people!


     If you have any ideas on how Lake Bluff Open Lands Association can benefit from your skill set, or you'd like to volunteer your time please contact us at Info@Lbola.org !

April 2019 Our Earth Day Celebration! 500 Trees Potted!

     Thanks to aid from Forest Bluff Montessori School volunteering we were able to cut and born the last mature buckthorn in the Skokie River Preserve. Removing buckthorn from the Skokie River Preserve has been a process that has spanned well over a decade. Although all the mature buckthorn are now dealt with, we will still have a ongoing battle against regrowth and a ferocious seed bank.


     Due to this ongoing battle we'll continue to require volunteers and support from the community to continue preserving our 200+ acres for decades to come.

January 2019 Last Mature Buckthorn In Skokie Preserve

    In the entirety of the year 2018 over 300 species have been documented on our Skokie River Preserve alone. Due to limited man hours and exclusion of micro organisms, the total count is probably much greater. However we are excited to show that our restoration efforts have yielded 200+ plant species, and over 70 bird species spotted on our preserves!


    This list will become an ongoing list, and if you'd like to contribute please document a new species for our list by photo, date ,time , and location. Send Information to info@lbola.org .

December 2018 300+ Species Recorded In The Year 2018

    Lake Bluff Open Lands Association aids the community of Armour Woods in Lake Bluff along Green Bay road. In one week we were able to remove an area of 450x30 ft of Buckthorn.


    The removal of invasive species is often one of the first steps of restoration. However due to seed banks and regrowth such removals are an ongoing battle that can last over a decade. Restored areas require close monitoring and maintenance.

March 2018 Aided In Restoration Along Green Bay

    Lake Bluff Open Lands Association has recently restored a parcel of land acquired by Lake Bluff School District 65.

This parcel is located at the northwest corner of Green Bay Road and West Washington Avenue.


    The lot was greatly overgrown with buckthorn, but thanks to our donors, and volunteers, the native seed bank now has a chance to grow, contributing to the restoration of a proper woodland.

August 2017 Eastern Dwyer Woods Restored

    As our Interns were restoring along the river, they spotted a two Otters making their way down the river. This is great example of the power of conservation, decades ago River Otters in Illinois were borderline extinct. Due to efforts and reintroduction throughout the state, it is a great treat to see a couple visiting our preserves! ~Cody Epperson


    Reports of the North American river otter are abuzz in the Chicago region. Once the apex predator of northern Illinois rivers, by the beginning of the 20th century the species had been nearly extirpated throughout the greater Chicago region. Despite efforts to protect their numbers, including an Illinois ban on otter trapping in 1929, their population continued to decline due to depleted fisheries from Chicago’s widespread pollution. In 1989, the species was declared as State Endangered with less than 100 otters remaining in Illinois. Amid the growing awareness of their decline, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) launched an extensive reintroduction effort throughout the 1990’s. By the end of the first decade of the new millennium, otter populations had resurged by the thousands—but biologists agree that exact numbers are hard to come. ~ Laurel Deitch


June 2017 Otters Spotted In Skokie River Preserve


Lake Bluff Open Lands Association is a non-profit organization working to protect Lake Bluff's open and natural areas forever. Due to generous donations, volunteer hours, and a hard working intern team in the summer, LBOLA has been able to continuously maintain 200+ acres across 13 natural areas.


Our preserves are open to the public at no charge , however if you feel so inclined to donate financially or your volunteer time, please contact us. None of our success would be possible without the communities generous donations.


Lake Bluff

Open Lands Association

P.O. Box 449   |   Lake Bluff, IL 60044   |   (224)-436-1512 |   info@lbola.org



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